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Carbon band saw guiding’s

An important success factor for a precise cut is, among other things, precise and wear-resistant band saw guides. Which is why we have added “high-quality carbon guides” to our product range. The new guides convince by high abrasion resistance, economic efficiency and are available for all common thin-cutting bandsaw machines.We are looking forward to your […]


Quadratool on the Ligna 2019

At the Ligna 2019 Quadratool exhibited its wide thin-cutting saw program. The visitors were very interested in the new carbide-tipped thin-cutting frame saw blades and thin-cutting band saws, which were also presented. The already in the market well established thin-cutting saws were able to convince through their even more comprehensive product range.


Thin cutting in a new dimension

0.7 mm kerf: The requirement of the customer from the parquet industry was maximum wood savings while maintaining its high quality requirements and tolerances. With the original saw blades, he was unable to get a 6th lamella from the raw material. With our thin-cutting saws he achieve a 20% higher yield with almost the same cutting values […]


What is thin cutting?

Thin cutting is not one-to-one defined and certainly has a different meaning for each application. One thing, however, is clear: the increase in timber yield is the focus and therefore more finished products and less sawdust is the main goal. A central role is played by the tool – thin-cutting saw blade – which makes […]