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About Us

QuadraTool competence in Thin-Cutting

Behind QuadraTool you fi nd a competent and skilled team. Many years of experience and international contacts to well-known manufacturers in the fi eld of thin cutting tools are our base.

The design and distribution of high-quality saw blades, grinding equipment, consumables and services for the precision Thin-Cutting is the object of our company. Together with our partners, we develop solutions for the industrial Thin-Cutting application and off er our customers top quality products on best terms.

Availability, quality and life time of saw blades are key factors and play in addition to the optimal tool preparation an important role. Our products are used in the production of high-quality lamellas (sawing veneer) for parquet fl oors, doors, pencil boards, multilayer boards, windows, furniture’s, musical instruments and so on.

In accordance with our slogan „thin cutting solutions“, we off er our customers also consulting services along the process chain. Maximum yield by minimal loss of material is the credo!

About Us